Sitting in the silence
Is the way to know yourself.
There beyond the chatter
Is a world of formless wealth.

For it’s not the things you buy
That will lead to lasting peace,
But the things you learn in silence
That will bring you great release.

So many fail to stop and sit
And seek their nature true.
And thus they never find
What to them is truly due.

For within you lies a treasure.
It’s your true and natural Self.
And this will last you far more long
Than trinkets, power, or wealth.

Your spirit is the heart of you.
Some call it just “the soul.”
It matters not which words you use,
It’s the part that makes you whole.

Honor what is at your core.
It’s why you’re here on earth.
It gives you life, it’s driven you
Since nine months before your birth.

And this vital part of you
Will be your true companion
Across the curtain you call death
When your body you abandon.

So honor it, this part of you
That’s central as can be.
For spirit’s really all you are.
You’re pure divinity.