You create with your voice.
You always have a choice
How you will affect your day
With the words you choose to say.

Will you speak with kindness?
Or speak as if with blindness?
Use your words to soothe and charm?
Or to others bring some harm?

Man has been endowed with verse
Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse.
But if his tongue is sweet and kind
Great healing power can he find.

Used unwisely, he can wound,
And so it’s best to stay attuned
And speak each word with thought and care
For words do linger in the air.

In this time of merry cheer,
Think of what to you is dear
And with those loving thoughts do choose
The words just right to spread this news:

That one day when you all are free
You’ll finally find eternity
And understand that all are bound
Inside the heart where love is found.