Merrry Christmas to all. May you be surrounded by love today and give back as much as you get … Today’s poem comes with a huge dose of love to get you started:

Begin as you always do,
With a deep breath.
For today’s topic’s a deep one:
This thing you call death.

Why do you fear it?
It carries no fright.
‘Tis naught but a passage
Just like day turns to night.

And while to the eyes
It appears you’re asleep,
The spirit’s quite active,
So no need to weep.

Your body’s a shell,
A convenient vessel.
It carries your spirit
Like a train rides a trestle.

And when sick or old
And it serves you no more,
Then the body you shed
As you pass through the door.

And thus starts anew
In your life a new stage.
An exciting new chapter
Just like turning a page.

All your time on the earth
Helps prepare for this change.
Learn your lessons quite well
And it won’t seem so strange.

So as you can see
Death is nothing to fear.
It only seems tragic
For those you hold dear.

But if they would realize
That they’ll see you again,
They’d cry not so hard;
They would pick up a pen…

And write you a letter
With things left unsaid,
Understanding you’d read it
For you’re really not dead.

To those left behind,
Yes, the need’s there to grieve.
But hear us this day,
As your pain we relieve:

Your loved ones who’ve crossed
Are not gone, they’re around you.
They come when you call them,
Their love does surround you.

So think of them often
And know that one day,
When your time comes to meet them,
They’ll show you the way.