I love not knowing what the topic of each day’s poem is going to be. This morning I found myself sitting up straight as could be and felt an in-charge masculine presence which I recognized from previous visits. His language was quite different and forceful. After the first few lines he told me to open my eyes. I did so and discovered that my pen had run out of ink. I was able to hold onto the four lines he’d given me so far as I picked up a new pen and rewrote the lines before he continued. When I opened my eyes at the end, I could see that my writing was far more powerful than usual – almost like slashes across the paper. …

Who holds the power in your world?
The one with the most gold.
Bah! Such insolence!
To give power to something you can hold!

Do you not see the foolishness?
Such trinkets are mere things.
In the end it’s heartache
That your gold and power brings.

Squash this strong desire
For more and more and more.
You cannot take it with you
When you pass through heaven’s door.

Timidly you step across,
Thinking that you’re weak
For crossing to the other side
Your riches you can’t keep.

But lo! Surprise!
A grand awakening is yours.
For ‘ere without a penny
True love like gold it pours.

Silence this false longing
For things which you acquire.
For what at first seems treasure
Quite soon of it you tire.

But love, dear ones, please hear me,
This treasure doesn’t tarnish.
It shines forever brightly
Like a fresh, clear coat of varnish.

Be still inside; squelch the fear
And treasure you will find.
It’s yours to keep—God’s gift to you
When to others you are kind.

It’s madness, hear me, utter folly
To put value on the gold
When life’s greatest treasure
Is the one thing you cannot hold.