Forests filled with leaves and twigs
So thick they block the sky.
The filtered light it trickles through
To meet the wandering eye.

Nature has such miracles
They’re everywhere you look.
In them you’ll find the face of God
If often time you took.

A tiny ant that marches on
Who works with little strength,
But joined with all his brothers
Can carry loads for any length.

Such a lesson you can learn
When nature you observe.
It’s harmony in action,
How the one the all does serve.

Cooperation is the name
You give to this great concept.
Like neighbors helping harvest fields
From sunrise until sunset.

How much work you can get done
When two hands become four.
Yet thinking only of the self
You think you achieve more.

But man was never meant to walk
His path through life alone.
A life of utter selfishness
Is not one to condone.

But helping others, giving love,
For this you do exist.
It’s in the sharing that you grow.
This urge do not resist.

That little push you feel inside
To meet and bond and share,
Is part of your true heritage
So heed it if you dare.

No man’s an island, this you know.
So this day prove it true.
By sharing love with all you meet
Great things will come to you.