An interesting experience today. After a conversation with a neighbor last night, I thought today’s poem would be about dealing with hardship. I pushed the poem in that direction and it just wasn’t working. The poets kindly chastised me for trying to be active instead of passive, and they made me start a new page. Then the poem flowed normally with what seems to be their favorite topic: love.

Tempers flare, passions rise
In the heat of anger.
Healing wounds should be your goal
Whenever there is rancor.

There is no need for enmity,
No sense in feeling hate.
So patch up all your differences
Before it is too late.

For love’s a very precious thing,
The most treasured gift you’ve got.
And when you waste your time with hate
You wither on the spot.

Your time on earth is very short,
Oft measured just in hours.
So spend it exercising love–
The strongest of your powers.

We cannot speak enough of this
For showing love is what you lack.
Most things you can’t take with you,
But true love you’ll always pack.

Hate and fear will weigh you down,
But love it has no weight.
You’ll feel the lightness of the air
When you do banish hate.

So pack your bags.
The trip you’re on has many twists and turns.
But joyous is the journey
For he who this lesson learns:

Love’s the only thing that’s real.
It lies there at your core.
Your job’s to bring it to the light
And shine forever more.