Happy new year! May 2010 be filled with love and brightness …

Black as a crow,
Dark as the night,
Why is it darkness
Does fill you with fright?

You’ve learned from your birth
That there’s good and there’s bad.
There’s hot and there’s cold,
Just as there’s happy and sad.

And darkness and blackness
Will always be less
Than brightness and light
Which both bring happiness.

It’s all in the vibration
The way you do feel.
Black vibrates much slower
Than white vibes which are real.

The higher the frequency,
The finer vibrations,
Much greater you notice
The pleasant sensations.

And so it makes sense
That dark gives you fright,
For you sense in its energy
That it feels not quite right.

So always to light
You will feel that you’re drawn.
For in light as with love
You’re reborn like the dawn.

So search for the light.
Find it there in your heart.
May the darkness that lingers
From your life now depart.

Fill your life with pure goodness
See around you pure white –
A reflection you carry
Of your own inner light.