Singe not the fraying ends
That leave a hanging thread.
A tiny imperfection
Is nothing you should dread.

You seek to reach perfection
But it’s a lofty goal.
And when you fail to reach it,
You’re left feeling less than whole.

Just know that deep inside you
There lies a tiny spark
That when ignited to a flame
Will lead you from the dark.

This fire that grows e’er brighter
As you pass on through your days,
Is there to teach and guide you
In oh so many ways.

This growing ember there within
Is your latent perfection.
And you will come to know this
When you sit in still reflection.

God’s the name you give to this
That inner guiding force.
Just know it is a part of you—
Your ever present Source.

So seek perfection if you wish
It’s part of who you are.
Your efforts will not be in vain.
They’ll carry you quite far.

But only One can have no faults
You’ll see this in due time.
So meanwhile seek to be like it,
Your inner source: divine.