Mars, Venus, Pluto, Uranus…
Planets far from yours.
They have not the grass and plants
Through which the oxygen pours.

Barren places, lacking life,
So far from the sun.
But life has been a part of earth
Since time there was begun.

But what is life? Does it grow
From one small, tiny seed?
Or is it something different,
Found in every flower and weed?

Life is spirit; spirit is life.
It’s simple as can be.
It’s not the matter that gives life
But the spark of divinity.

Without the spirit
There’d be no breath.
Just simple matter,
No life, no death.

Knowing this you understand
Why life on earth’s so fine.
The perfection of all nature there
Springs from your Source divine.

Honor every breath you take.
Of this act never grow tired.
For with every inhalation
You are by God inspired.

(Note from Suzanne: I love the play on words in this last stanza and line … one of the meanings of “inspiration” is “breathing in.”)