Blessed are the children.
So innocent are they.
They know nothing of worries.
They simply want to play.

Watch them as they run and shout.
See the glee upon their faces.
Dashing ‘round like dervishes,
Playing hopscotch, running races.

Oh, such innocence,
If only it would last.
But childhood is very short.
They grow up far too fast.

But with this growth comes learning.
And not just in the schools.
As years pass toward adulthood,
They pick up many tools.

The greatest of youth’s challenges
Is learning not to fear.
For in this comes mistrust and hate,
And loss of what’s most dear.

The greatest challenge all must face
Is how to live in love.
For it’s the greatest lesson,
One that comes from up above.

The urge to love is planted there
From long before your birth.
And how to share it is the path
You walk upon this earth.

So watch the children, see their smiles.
These come for they fear not.
Inside they still have purity
They have not yet forgot.

Remember what your life’s about.
Take the child’s example to your heart.
For in the great play of your life,
This is your grandest part.