An unusual free-flowing style today, as if a new poet was feeling the way…

Seeds of wisdom
Blowing in the wind
Like dandelion feathers.
Catch them in the breeze
If you please.
Hold them in your palm.
Feel the overwhelming calm.
That flows through every fiber…

Such a delight
It is to write
Creating pictures with words …

Footprints in the sand…
Of passersby.
Do you ever wonder why
Your paths did cross?

Many walk the same beach
Yet remain just out of reach.
Separated by mere minutes.

All lives are intertwined.
The link you’ll one day find.
Follow the footsteps…
Leading down the beach
What’s ahead still out of reach
But yours for the taking.

Beware of what you crave
The future’s for the brave.
When you step out on your own.
But following the trail
Smooth waters will you sail
With your conscience as your guide.