Look upon the window.
See the shiny glass.
Just like that through which you go
When to our world you pass.

It’s like a one-way mirror–
That which you look through.
You look but cannot see us
But we certainly see you.

We’re with you when you call us.
We gaze upon your face.
But know that while we like this,
Your touch it can’t replace.

We miss your hugs and kisses,
The feel of your soft skin.
But all else remains the same for us,
Most of all the love within.

Call us when you want us ‘round.
We’re with you in a flash-
Brushing by your shoulder
Like the flutter of a lash.

One day you’ll know our world up close.
For now you see it not,
Yet you go there in your dreams at night
And by morn you have forgot.

But remnants of us do remain
In your thoughts when you awake.
This gift we leave you in your mind-
A part of us that you can take.

So gaze around you through the glass
That so thinly does divide us.
And know that when you think of us
Much joy you do provide us.