Stormy nights … thunder claps.
Children huddle in their beds.
Mommies and daddies sit at their side
Stroking their round, silky heads.

Comfort comes in many forms…
A tender caress, a whispered voice.
Whether or not you find relief,
This is a personal choice.

So many people feel they’re alone
Silent tears they fall.
Help is always as close as a phone.
If only you’d make that one call.

“Oh, God, I need you,”
‘Tis all you need say.
Sit in the silence
And to your Source pray.

Then bask in the knowledge
That love does surround you.
When out goes your prayer
Spirit comes all around you.

It’s there every moment
But most times you don’t feel it.
But it is your prayers
That help to reveal it.

So cry not in anguish.
There’s no need for fright.
You weep not alone
In the still of the night.

Just like the child
God does stroke your soft cheek.
He’s there all the time
When you’re strong and when weak.

But mainly at moments
When your strength it is low
To you He gives courage.
This great comfort, please know.