I sat down to meditate thinking that I should have waited until later in the day. I was a bit out of sorts due to things happening with our plans. I felt a presence, but I wasn’t getting anything. I also kept drifting off, then I felt the need to pick up my pen…

Oh, my friend
It’s not the end
It’s just that you are restless
Settle down now
Quiet moments come and go
Always can you know
There’s beauty in the silence
Like a silent, gentle glow.

Hark and listen if you will
To the silence, calm and still
All the more you’ll learn from this
The silence brings you bliss.

Sort out your cares and troubles
Worry makes them triple, double
Just relax and be
Sit with me
And you’ll see

Here’s where cares are lost
Amid the beauty of your thoughts
Thoughts that come outside yourself
There’s no stress here in our world
Like a flag unfurled
To flutter gently in the breeze
Be at ease
There’s always time for these—
The worries of your life

Let them loose to fly away
Leave them for another day
Release the burdens in your chest
We know best
How to bring you comfort.

Sit and pray for a while
We want to see you smile
Nothing’s as hard as you make it
Give up the struggle, take it easy if you can

Sit and read a verse
Don’t go from bad to worse by stewing
Fall back into our arms, we’ll catch you
Never let you fall
We’re at your beck and call
If you’ll let us
Don’t forget us
Call us what you will
Your guides and guardians still here.
Ever loving, ever watching
In your care
We are there

Keep the faith.