Hurry to the future.
Take a look ahead.
What will your life be like
After you are dead?

So many wish to know
What heaven’s really like.
Are there truly flowers,
Harps and music, and the like?

Heaven is your self-same world.
We live right here beside you.
The difference is in the love we feel.
Its presence ever does abide you.

In this world of thought
Where no matter does exist
Surrounded are we all by Love
Whose great force we can’t resist.

Because of all the energy
Of which we are a part,
We feel the love more strongly –
Like a pulsing, beating heart.

Our world is very real to us
As real as yours is to you.
And if we wish to do something
We need only think it through.

For thought is our creator.
We travel with the mind.
We maintain our connection thus
With those to whom our love does bind.

In a realm of such great love
One truly does find peace.
And so you will find heaven
When earth’s bonds you do release.

Just know that love’s eternal –
A continuation of the soul.
Whether there or here you travel
It is love that keeps you whole.