Sitting on the doorstep
Feeling lost and down,
With your chin upon your chest,
Your mouth a heavy frown.

You think you are alone in life
That no one knows your pain.
That others bask in sunshine
While on you falls only rain.

A shift in thoughts could shift your life.
It could happen in a blink.
If you would only listen in
To how you choose to think.

The things that drag you downward,
Are not those which happen to you.
It’s how you choose to see them.
You can let them pass right through you.

All life’s a choice; it’s up to you.
Do you see clouds or see the sun?
By changing just a thought or two
Like that – new life’s begun.

So get up off your haunches.
Take a brave new step ahead.
Face your fears and change your thoughts.
See not the world with dread.

There’s beauty all around you,
When the clouds inside you part.
Change only takes a moment.
Right now’s the time to start.