Erase the bitter memories.
Don’t linger in the past.
There’s far more beauty in you now
Than in things that never last.

Focus all your thoughts and love
On things that never change:
On doing all that you can do…
Things well within your range.

Things like helping others,
Giving service where you can.
This type of altruism
Helps advance God’s special plan.

Spend not your days in worry
That you’ll never have enough,
That you won’t be able to get by
When the going it gets tough.

You’ve all the treasure in the world
Right there within your chest.
And spending your love freely
You bring to you what’s best.

Of course you do have bills to pay
When on the earth you walk.
But spend less time in worry,
Put less emphasis on talk.

Concentrate instead
On doing what feels right.
And memories and worries
Will no longer give you fright.