The whole of the Universe is yours.
Gaze upon the stars and know
That you are in them, and they in you …

You need not fear.
With every step you take,
Love is near

Your very life is proof
Of this – the greatest truth:

You were born of love;
Born of God’s desire.
In you was planted
A spark of the divine fire.

Never doubt that you’re special,
For God gave you breath.
And you will go on living
Even after your physical death.

You need do little
To reap what is yours.
But when love you do share,
Then true peace in you soars.

Feel the Love that you are.
Feel it course through your veins.
Realize that you’re Spirit,
And release earthly chains.

There is no need to fear.
No reason for doubt.
When you bask in God’s light
You know what Life’s all about.