So many feel the need to fill
The silence with some sound.
And so you fill your life with noise
When no one is around.

Never fear that you’re alone.
You walk not a lonely road.
Silence merely gives you time
To watch your life unfold.

There’s nothing frightening in the dark.
When you silence all the chatter.
It’s then, when you do turn within
You find the things that matter.

While friends are good to have around
Fear not your solo time.
For this is when you come to know
The part of you that’s most sublime.

And then you’ll meet your dearest friend.
The one who’ll ne’er desert you.
The kind of friend that’s best to have
Who’ll always love and never hurt you.

This friend is you – your very soul.
It’s who you truly are.
You’ve searched so hard to find true love
Yet you needed not look far.

For love lies there within your heart.
Your soul’s its very source.
The greatest friend you’ll ever find’s
This ever-present Force.