Ransom –
A price you pay
When something dear is taken …
Money you pay eagerly
To get back that which was forsaken.
But what would you pay
To get to know yourself?
Not enough money exists
For that kind of wealth.
Count your money not,
But, oh, count your blessings.
Have you no idea
While sins you are confessing
That you are so loved?
So loved
That nothing you could possibly do
Could bring judgment upon you –
Only regret …
Sadness at the lack of knowing …
Understanding of who you truly are.
There’s no need to search far.
Your greatest ally lies within,
Where there’s no such thing as sin.
Just misunderstanding …
Ignorance of truth.

Pour light into the darkness
And see there your true beauty.
It’s your life’s most important duty –
To find your light
And see all with new sight.
Once revealed,
You’ll truly be healed.