It doesn’t matter.
Nothing’s really real.
Put aside your feelings.
Here’s the real deal …

Light is what you call
The beams from up above.
But light is just a synonym
For God’s undying love.

Tiny little particles
So small you cannot see
But flowing through all matter
They’re pure light-energy.

But why call light love?
When love’s a thing you feel.
Because, my friend, it’s simple:
Love’s the only thing that’s real.

Your very presence here is proof
That you were born of this pure spark.
God wanted you to feel His love
And formed you from what was dark.

A spark of love – a seed of hope
That in you He would find
A way to manifest Himself
As body, spirit, and as mind.

All that exists is energy
And energy is light.
It’s love that makes the light turn on
Giving brightness to the night.

So walk this day this knowing:
You are part of All That Is –
A spark of God’s desire,
For you, dear one, are His.