In the shadows
Lurks your fear …
That evil draws near.

Fly away!
Banish the doubt.
There’s nothing but
Imagination about.

How can there be evil
In a world of pure love?
Where nothing but goodness
Comes from above.

Evil’s a creation
From within the mind.
The force of attraction
Attracts thoughts in kind.

It’s all a result
Of what lies there inside.
So if evil lurks
In your thoughts it resides.

It’s simply a matter
Of rousting it out –
Not allowing it back,
Giving evil no clout.

If in your heart
You believe all is good.
Then you’ll see only goodness
In your life, as you should.

So banish all thoughts
Of the devil and such.
There are no evil spirits
Which your life they can touch.

Accepting this truth
Bathe your thoughts in white light
And banish the fears
Which before gave you fright.

Recognize you are spirit –
Pure love at your core,
And safe in this knowledge go forth …

Fear no more.

A note from Suzanne on today’s poem: In a post-9/11 world, I would be naive not to recognize that “evil” (a judgment) exists in our current reality … it is the result of ignorance on the part of some misguided souls of who and what they really are (spirit-beings in physical form). As always, I don’t write these poems – I simply “take dictation.” My interpretation is no better than anyone else’s, but I believe this poem is not addressing that type of “evil,” but the misconception that there are evil spirits.