Misery –
You bring it on yourself.
Don’t you see?

It’s all a matter of interpretation.
What to one is a blessing
To another’s desperation.

As a group you think alike.
“This is awful!”
“This we like.”

When each event, in itself,
Has no meaning … it simply “is.”
No “Aw shucks,” no “Gee whiz,”

All is neutral
Until upon it you do place
A frowning or a smiling face

These are ways you learned to believe
Even though your suffering
Such thoughts don’t relieve.

It’s a choice you make:
How to see
Each event in your reality.

So start today and choose quite well
Whether to live
In Heaven or Hell.

It’s up to you,
So watch your choices.
Listen to your inner voices.

Starting now, take an oath:
“I choose the best thoughts
For my growth.”

In old patterns
Do not be stuck.
Do not think all fate is luck.

It’s up to you
And how you live
When colors to your world you give.