As always, once the words come, they just flow. All this in under five minutes. Thank you, spirit world.

Hear the words we whisper to you …

Babies cry in their tiny beds.
What could be going through their heads?
Is it a physical need or pain,
Or does a fleeting memory remain?

For children remember from where they came.
They know the two worlds are not the same.
From spirit did their soul arise.
Now here they are – it’s such a surprise.

So quickly they do lose their touch
With the spirit world that meant so much.
At times they sense and feel us near,
‘Til mother says, “That’s nonsense, dear.”

And so they learn to thus suppress
The spirit world, and sense it less.
By adulthood they’ve long forgot
That from the physical world they’re not.

And so begins the great return
As life’s big lesson they do learn:
That they were born of God’s great spark –
Come from a world that knows no dark.

And all their life they feel the pull
To return to where the heart is full.
That part of them has never left.
But unaware, they feel bereft.

Just know that it’s a simple thing
To return and feel the spirit sing.
Acknowledge that you’re spirit first –
So fully loved and blessed, not cursed.

And in this knowledge, rest assured,
That knowing this comes great reward.
Your spirit wants to be uncovered.
Now that these truths you’ve rediscovered.

So spend your days like a budding flower,
And by giving love, reclaim your power.