Chance encounters
When two people meet…
You so often think
It is a random feat.

But what you think is chance
Is no great mystery.
There’s purpose in the meeting.
All things are meant to be.

Look closely – pay attention.
Where’s the meaning in the act?
You can learn and grow each moment
By the way you do react.

Do you respond with kindness,
Or make no sound at all?
Does the chance to love just pass you by
Even though you it does call?

See purpose in each moment.
Miss not each chance to grow.
Ask yourself, “What can I do
My spirit more to know?”

For in your interactions
When dealing from the heart,
You’re awakening inside of you
Your true, essential part.

Waste not these chance encounters.
See them as a special gift.
Use them as a chance to love,
And thus your soul to lift.