Humility –
A virtue true.
Having tempered pride
In all things that you do.

While it’s good to be pleased
When success you achieve,
Thoughts of your greatness
You’re best just to leave.

For nothing is served
By being better than most,
Except when pure thoughts
In your mind you do host.

It is true each has talents,
And these you should use.
But when others you best,
Please humility use.

For no one is more special.
You are all God’s one child.
On no one more than others
Has the Great Spirit smiled.

If pride you must show,
Then of this one fact be proud:
You are all blessed with Life.
This you should freely shout loud.

For Life shows no favorites.
It knows only “being.”
Unique, yes, but not special,
When with spirit eyes seeing.

Go forth and rejoice
In your uniqueness and skills
But treasure all Life
Which God’s love truly fills.