“When the student is ready,
The teacher appears.”
You’ve heard this quite often
Throughout your long years.

How many times
Have you met just the right soul,
Who comes into your life
With a prominent role?

Pay heed to your thoughts
When they tell you, “Hear now!”
For this person has wisdom
Which to you to endow.

They may be quite young
Or they may be quite old
Cloaked in raiments quite tattered
Or wearing rings made of gold.

But it’s something they say
Or a thing which they do
That tells you they bring
Special learning for you.

If in need of some guidance
Then close your eyes tight,
And ask for a teacher
To come when it’s right.

We’ll send you a good one.
You’ll know when they’re near.
For the light will go on,
And you’ll see things quite clear.

And then someday soon
You’ll reverse these fine roles,
And will serve as a teacher,
Helping guide other souls.

So be open to all
Who down your path come your way.
And hear the true message
Which their words have to say.