First you take a tiny step,
When before you only crawl.
In this way of moving on
There is no risk you’ll fall.

But slowly you look at your feet
And see how now you move.
With one foot before the other
You can now get in the groove.

Your evolution is like that
As step by step you grow.
Asking for life’s answers
In your heart and mind to know.

These come not always in one burst,
But often as a slow progression.
And sometimes when you are confused,
You suffer some regression.

Like a spiral do you go,
Moving forward sometimes back.
But always upward t’ward the truth
Of knowledge that you lack.

For your whole life’s about all this:
The evolution of your soul.
And it is this that pushes you –
The longing to be whole.

Keep searching for the answers,
But know they’re all inside.
Planted there just like a seed …
In your heart they do reside.

And there along your journey
As you water it with love,
All truth will be revealed to you
Like sunshine from above.

So walk; there is no need to run
As you progress from your crawl.
For this journey’s to be savored,
The act of loving most of all.