Wonder not why you are here…
If a difference you can make.
If only one other life you touch,
Then life’s greatest prize you take.

It’s the prize of knowing you have served
To touch another soul.
For in the great school of your earth
This is a major goal.

So many fail to know this.
So wrapped up in their acts.
They focus mainly on the self
And lose sight of these facts.

Immersed in things material
The focus is all wrong.
When eyes see all externally,
You fail to hear God’s song.

It’s a constant hum inside of you,
But some may never hear it
Through the constant noise around them,
They fail to hear their spirit.

But those who hear it have a glow
That others cannot miss.
They see the peace with which you walk
And think, “Can I have this?”

It’s there for every soul to have –
The joy of knowing who you are.
You cannot force them this to know,
But you can model from afar.

And if only one life you touch,
Then know you’ve done your task.
To heal the world one little bit
Is all that we can ask.