The Life Force is a name you give
To God’s awesome power.
With the ability to take a seed
And produce a lovely flower.

But such an act is trifled
When considering your body.
For the many miracles that take place within
This vessel’s not so shoddy.

Formed it is by God’s great will,
The desire to give you breath,
To animate your arms and legs
To walk with you through death.

And then beyond, always as one
In thought with other souls.
To go on creating just like God –
One of your many roles.

How vast and mighty is this Force –
All knowing, oh so wise,
To create order on your earth
Just as in Heaven’s skies.

Give thanks this day that you do breathe
God’s breath with each you take.
And know there’s not a thing you do
That you don’t do for Spirit’s sake.

So worship God by showing that
You understand your role.
And live your life in service
By showing love to every soul.