“Rank has its privileges.”
This you’ve heard before.
But no one man over another
Can possibly mean more.

For all are created equal,
Just the same in God’s domain.
When you take away the wrappings,
Then just love it does remain.

In your world you adulate
Those who act upon your screen.
You bow and curtsy like a peasant
Who is meeting with a queen.

Why this fascination
With others more than you?
Do you not remember
That you are worthy, too?

It matters not the job you hold
Nor what treasures you acquire.
The heart of man’s what’s valued most.
It’s this you should admire.

So while you can appreciate
Success that each has earned,
It’s far more beneficial
That you leave earth having learned:

To love each soul for what it is –
A spark of the Divine.
And know that only this goes with you
When you cross the finish line.