Sitting on the doorstep
You watch the world go by,
Picking shapes out of the clouds
That float across the sky.

Formless shapes that with the wind
Take on an image known –
Matching patterns in your mind
That once before were shown.

Your beliefs are like those clouds above.
They rest inside your head.
Creating actions you do take,
Not fresh new thoughts instead.

If fresh interpretations were
Your response to each event,
Imagine how your world would change
To challenges that were sent.

You would be freer then to choose
And how you would react.
You’d be stuck not in such a rut.
So routinely do you act.

The choice is there for you right now,
To choose the way you see.
So will you choose your patterned way
Or choose to be set free?

And thus unchained how will you act?
With love or out of fear?
The answer’s simple if you stop
And choose God’s voice to hear.

And so today turn t’ward the sky
And with freedom see your choice.
Then go forth and cast aside old ways.
Speak with a fresh new voice.

For every moment of the day
You create your life anew
By choosing how you see the world.
The choice is up to you.