Weep no longer.
Shed no more tears.
There’s no valid reason
To go on mourning for years.

For loss comes to all.
It’s a part of your path.
But suffering and torment
Very quickly can pass.

It’s alright to grieve,
To expel bad emotions.
But the need to continue
Comes from all your false notions.

If you understood better
That life’s about change,
Then our advice to stop suffering
Would not seem so strange.

“This too shall pass”
Is a statement of fact.
For each passing moment
Brings a new way to act.

For nothing is static.
No pain lasts forever.
You think you’ll never recover
But you must never say never.

For just as the sun
Once again each day rises,
Around the bend in your path
Comes an array of surprises.

Do not give up hope
For the sun’s shining rays.
For a mix of sunshine and clouds
Is just part of your days.

So treasure the sun
But despair not in the clouds.
For past your tears there is hope,
Once are lifted the shrouds.