“The faint at heart” – what does it mean?
Weak and timid, prone to scream.
The term depends on how you choose
The image of the heart to use.

For yes, the tool which in you beats
With a pattern that for years repeats
Can grow old and then expire
When from so many beats it does finally tire.

But used to mean your very soul,
Then your heart is always whole.
Never faint, but always strong,
There to guide you your whole life long.

But why the heart?
Why use this part?
Why not the head?
Or some other part, instead?

For it lies within the place that works the best.
To feel the love well in your chest.
It rises up, but can subside
If love you show or choose to hide.

So never forget the heart’s sole role
When used as a symbol for your soul …
It’s there to keep your connection true
With the Spirit that flows through you.