A loving reminder from the spirit world of the simple message they continue to repeat. This poem came to me almost immediately, as fast as I could write the words …

Out of darkness comes the light.
The love of God dispels all fright.
When you can sit and feel the flow,
Then true peace and love you’ll know.

Be not afraid to ask for Him.
And when you do, just let Him in.
Then to you will come all things –
All the goodness true love brings.

This is what we’ve come to say.
So begin again with each new day.
Sit and ask the love to flow
Before throughout your day you go.

This love you’ll take as you do walk.
You’ll feel it as you do and talk.
And such a difference it will make
In each decision you choose to take.

We cannot emphasize too much
The power of God’s loving touch.
So in these simple little rhymes
We come to you in troubled times.

Reminding you of what you need –
So our advice we ask you heed.
Remember why you do exist.
This time for prayer do not resist.

Go forth and know that God is real.
In silence you can truly feel
The love He brings to all of you,
If only you will know it’s true.