Search not first for answers from others.
For all answers start within.
Available for the asking,
When you are ready to begin.

There are many ways your questions
May be answered once you ask.
To stay attuned for how they come-
This is your challenge and your task.

Who can say if others
Hold the truth for you?
It’s when the words speak to your heart
Then trust them you can do.

So yes, it may come from a voice,
Either human or pure spirit.
But having asked so clearly
Then you’ll be more prone to hear it.

Your answer may come from a book
On pages that are written.
Again, because you clearly asked
It’s as if you had been bitten.

“That’s it!” you’ll think –
“The words I need!
And now these words
I know to heed.”

So yes, the answers that you seek
May come from others, true.
But best when first asked from within
For guidance that is due.

So many fail to ask this way.
They drift without direction,
Wondering so hopelessly,
“What’s the answer to this question?”

It’s simple when you close your eyes
And ask the question of your Source.
The answers always come quite soon
In ways that makes you say, “Of course!”

So what is it that troubles you?
What stone does lie unturned?
Ask it now to God, within,
Where all great lessons they are learned.