Master of all that you see –
Through your own creativity.
All you see comes from your mind.
There the creative force you find.

Picture a rainbow stretching far.
At the end there lies a jar.
Will you fill it with golden beads?
In your mind there lie the seeds.

For all you’ve acquired to this day
You have created along the way
By drawing to you events and things,
People and conditions and all life brings.

Your thoughts and beliefs have shaped your reality.
Surrounding yourself with those who share commonality.
Look around and you’ll see this is true.
Like a magnet they’re attracted to you.

For like attracts like – it’s a physical law.
But through the thoughts in your mind most of all.
So take great care of how you think,
For you may attract things as quick as a wink.

Never lose sight of your mind’s great power
To shape your world by the minute and hour.
For you are a miniature version, of course,
Of the One Universal Creative Force.