Revere not the powerful ones.
Over you they hold no sway.
It’s you who holds true power
When you take the time to pray.

Just as a tiny ant does work
And carry loads upon its back,
You, too, can do great feats in life
But without the burden of a pack.

What ‘ere it is you choose to do,
What in life you choose to be,
You have the power in your soul
Your goals to truly see.

For creation starts within the mind
Which builds all that you see.
For spirit’s life, but it’s mind that builds
Your own reality.

The physical around you
Is a result of all you’ve thought.
If something’s lacking in your life,
Perhaps this thought you’ve fought.

Disbelief is just as powerful.
It builds up a real wall,
Preventing you from having that
Which you consider best of all.

So realize the power
When you change your “can’ts” to “can.”
And find that true divinity
Lies in the mind of man.