When someone does you wrong,
Turn the other cheek.
Some would say it’s folly.
Some might think you weak.

For what’s the value there?
Why forgive another’s acts?
Just try it once and send out love,
Then see how he reacts.

Your Bible says to do this,
But most find it too hard.
The greatest gift is to forgive,
But this advice you disregard.

If you would only see that
Your brother’s just like you,
Then forgiving all wrong action
Would be an easy thing to do.

Only in forgiving
Do you model right behavior.
This was demonstrated clearly
By the one you call The Savior.

Try this day to be like him
If another does you wrong.
Instead of lashing out this time
Change to a loving song.

If only more would act like this
How soon would others learn.
And then there would be no longer need
A single cheek to turn.