This morning I asked a question and the answer came in rhyme. I felt as if the poem were addressed specifically to me because it spoke of the twitching finger which happens to me so often. Other than that detail, the poem is universal, but I asked for another anyway, so today’s a “two-fer” …

There is so much that you don’t know
But to you it we all will show
When in the silence you do go
Toward that shining, inner glow.

Words for now are all we have
And the feelings like a salve
To bathe you in our love and say,
“Thank you for this time you pray.”

For it is now this time we use
To tell you things you can’t refuse.
For you feel them in your heart and know
That by this feeling they are so.

Ask your questions one by one.
We’ll answer all ‘fore day is done
And there throughout your day we’ll linger
You’ll feel us when does twitch your finger.


Hope … it is a precious thing
Into your life the light it does bring.
Bathe yourself in hope’s true glow
With faith toward the light then go.

For hope doth give the soul a lift
So treasure this important gift.
When all seems lost allow hope in
And feel it through the clanging din.

For hope is always there inside
Deep in your soul it does reside.
Just knowing that it’s there, rejoice
And despair not – it is your choice.