“Your cup runneth over.”
Just what does this mean?
That your heart flows with love
Like an unending stream.

This gush of emotion
Comes when you do allow
What is your greatest asset
Yourself to others endow.

If only your cup
Were this full all the time,
Then you would experience
A life quite sublime.

This state is quite possible.
You can have it at will.
Simply say, “Fill my cup,”
And your cup it will fill.

For you create all emotions.
They all start in the mind.
Just like flipping a switch,
It’s quite easy, you’ll find.

Place your thoughts on your heart
With the desire to fill it,
And the love you will feel
For the love you did will it.

And once overflowing,
Send it out like a light.
For you have God as your Source
And thus can make it burn bright.

This gift is your birthright.
May your cup never run dry.
To keep it ‘ere overflowing,
All you need’s just to try.