(Regular readers will recognize this voice …)

A soliloquy –
Words uttered alone
Just as the tree that falls …
Does anyone hear them?

Speak not with fear
But utter your innermost thoughts
With confidence
Knowing they are heard.
Is it so absurd
To think you’re not alone?

Jack and Jill ran up a hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jill fell down
And Jack ran down to find her…
But why?
Was no one else around?

Always you do walk
In company
Whether to fetch a pail
Or simply just to “be.”
Your soliloquy
Is heard inside
Where God does reside …
Your forever friend
In a world without end.
If you should fall,
There at your call.
A reminder –
Quite unnecessary when you know
From whence comes the constant inner glow.