Sit and do nothing.
Stop all the rushing,
And breathe.

Do you seek inspiration?
Draw it in with your breath.
It’s there in the very word:
Yet you tire
From so little of this.
Then you fail
To find the bliss
That comes when you do draw it in –
This air that lights the spark within.

So stop.
Breathe in deeply and hold it.
Allow love to enfold it,
And feel the surge –
The sudden urge
To know more …
What’s it all for –
This body that breathes in and out?

Once you sit in the silence
There can be no more doubt:
To love, that is why –
With every breath ‘til you die.
Once this lesson you know
Beyond the breath you will go …
To that state that’s so freeing –
The eternal state of just being.