Forever is a long, long time
A distance difficult to see.
How long is “ever after”?
What means “eternity?”

You can only throw a stone so far
Before it falls and stops.
How can a thing go ceaselessly
Like your Energizer Bunny hops?

You go on without ceasing
For one most important reason:
It’s only your physical body
That stops and counts the season.

Inside you are pure spirit –
A thing without a form,
With no parts that break and falter.
Nothing there that does get worn.

You exist as vibration.
On and off do you blink
Energy that’s quite ceaseless
With a mind that does think.

So see not the body
With its form and its limit
But be the spirit you are
That lives now within it.

And when you are freed
From the body by death
You’ll find you live on
Far beyond your last breath.