Angels walk upon your earth
Though this you may not recognize.
They come in many shapes and forms –
From small to large in size.

Some may have wings, as in your art
For this is how you view them.
But others may be unremarkable
But with a clear vibration to them.

This comes from their sheer purity –
Their quality of love.
For angels are imbued with it,
Like the purest, whitest dove.

And what do they bring to your life –
These messengers of light?
They come to you in times of need
When your life seems dark as night.

At other time they walk with you
Just to give your soul a lift.
You may not know they’re standing there,
But you will sense this special gift.

So acknowledge angels in your life.
Call on them when in need.
For they exist to help and guide,
And t’ward the light your soul to lead.