Saddle up the horses.
Get ready for the ride.
Once you know the Presence
There’s nowhere that you can hide.

Then fly you will like Pegasus
With wings upon your back.
For with Spirit as your essence
No longer will you lack.

Have you no shoes upon your feet
Nor money in your purse,
You’ll now know that lacking Spirit
Is a curse that is far worse.

But rest assured that Spirit
Has been with you all along.
It’s only that you blocked yourself
From hearing Its pure song.

Once you hear Its holy tune
And feel Its presence in you,
All fear and lack will vanish
For the Power lies within you.

Until now you have been plodding,
But once with Spirit you do travel,
You’ll gallop with great confidence
As life’s mysteries unravel.

So know that not a breath you take
That Spirit takes not for you.
Then ride on t’ward the sunset
With all God’s glory set before you.