All the world is like a clown.
They laugh, but inside they’re crying.
They make a joke to mask the pain
But they feel no better for the trying.

You do not see reality.
You think you must project
An image of the happy one.
Your true feelings you protect.

There is One who knows your pain.
Your troubles He knows well.
With Him you need put on no mask.
To Him your problems you can tell.

No matter your religion,
There lies within you the same Soul.
The essence of pure love and light …
The part that makes you whole.

It lies there deep inside you –
This connection with the Spirit.
But through the chatter of your brain
It’s unlikely you can hear it.

So when you’re down or lonely,
Sit still and close your eyes.
Take long, deep breaths to calm the mind,
Then go in deep to find the prize.

Ask for the light to fill you.
Visualize it pouring in.
Then feel the shift in energy
As God’s love fills you from within.

The knowing may not come at once.
Your ego takes a while to tame.
You’re developing a kinship
With your Self – One and the Same.

It’s there you’ll find your power –
The strength to carry on …
The Force inside that lifts you,
The One you can depend upon.

Cast out your fears and dry your tears.
There’s no need for more despair.
God’s there in every breath you take,
If you will only trust He’s there.