Cry, my dear one.
Let the tears just fall.
Let them wash away your pain
As my name you call.

I’m with you in your darkest hour
I hold your hand in mine.
Filling you with love and light
The light of the Divine.

Just feel my arms around you.
Alone you do not walk.
And if you feel the need to share,
Together we can talk.

Tell me all your worries –
Your deepest feelings you can share.
For always when you call my name
That instant I am there.

Your closest of companions,
Your dearest, caring friend.
You know me as the Christ inside.
I’m here your soul to mend.

So walk with me, although you ache.
You I’ll carry when you’re weak.
I am your brother, here to give
The peace and love you seek.

Fear not the road that lies ahead.
All your troubles I do know.
Together we will walk your path
With my love you’ll always go.