From The Villages, Florida, as we prepare to leave …

Seize the day.
How does one do this?
Grabbing at each moment
To have a taste of bliss.

Carpe diem –
It’s a phrase that is quite old.
But much truth lies there within it…
If the truth be truly told.

How do you seize a moment?
How do you hold it in your hand?
You stop the frantic motion
And freeze right where you stand.

“I’m here,” you say.
“I exist,” you do announce.
“And from this very moment
All false beliefs I do renounce.”

“I seize this day as mine,
A day to see things as they are –
Not the way I have been told
By those who saw things from afar.”

“Instead, I will be guided
By One who sees truly without eyes –
By the one true guiding force
That lights up all the skies.”

“And when I lose my way
On this Force I will now call.
For with God to light the way,
There’s no way that I can fall.”

It takes a dedication
From a moment of decision
To let God direct your life –
To your old habits make revision.

Seize the day – seize every moment
To with God your soul unite,
And leave behind the darkness
As He leads you to the light.