From Hattiesburg, MISS.

A new and glorious day.
What do you say
To greet it?
How will you meet it?
With a smile?
Will you sit a while,
Or frown …
Your lips turned down
In a sneer.
“Why are you here?
Oh sun in the skies –
So bright you hurt my eyes.”

The light’s the same.
It’s you who plays a game.
One day glad
The next one sad.
Oh worries.
Oh bothers.
So many distractions
The dissatisfactions.
You just don’t get it.
So you let it
Take you away
From the light –
Your true sight.

Oh, blessed one,
Do not turn from the sun.
Are you not always turning?
Yet for peace you are yearning?
Stop where you are.
You need not look far.
The light is your guide
It burns also inside.
To reveal it
You need simply feel it.
Ask to be healed
And the pact it is sealed.
No wavering.
Just savoring
The love…
Your Source –
The Divine Force.
Once you choose it,
You’ll never lose it.